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Let me show you a simpler way to run your mind that will remove your fears and make you mentally stronger.

“You don't need more therapy. You need to learn how to run your mind”

Steve Norton

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What I do

I help people with anxiety and depression get back in control of their thinking using my Thought Retraining method. Unlike traditional talk therapy like CBT that's  outdated and has a low success rate, I use the most up to date techniques to remove the cause of anxiety and depression. CBT doesn’t treat the cause of Anxiety it only treats the symptoms. If you just treat the symptoms the symptoms always come back. By treating the cause you remove the symptoms. My therapy can bring about a whole new level of self confidence and put you back in control.

Natural remedies for anxiety
Natural remedies for anxiety

What can I help with?

Below are just a few of the issues I can help you with. Click the photo to find out more.

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Anxiety and depression
Anxiety and depression
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Anxiety symptoms
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"I specialise in assisting individuals in eliminating the underlying source of their anxiety through a mind retraining that differs from traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). By adopting a different approach, I guide people in addressing the root cause of their anxiety, rather than solely focusing on managing symptoms.

Through our sessions, I provide innovative techniques and tools that empower individuals to overcome their anxiety from its core. This unique approach takes into account the individual's specific circumstances and tailors the treatment accordingly, ensuring a more holistic and effective solution. If you are seeking a fresh perspective in dealing with anxiety, my services offer a refreshing alternative to traditional methods, promoting long-lasting results and a renewed sense of well-being".

Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist