What is a Mind Coach?

A mind coach like Steve is someone who is not only a life coach but also a therapist. He combines both skills to get the best outcomes for his clients. A regular life coach typically helps people identify areas to improve, sets clients goals and talks through any challenges a person might have. A mind coach can do a lot more. Steve is also a registered hypnotherapist with over 25 years experience so he can also help people remove psychological barriers and deep rooted habits and behaviours. Basically Steve gives the best of both worlds.

What's the difference between Mind Coach and a Therapist?

A therapist is a person who listens to people's problems and offers advice and coping strategies. They stick to the therapy model they are taught and everyone gets the same treatment model. Therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT was created around 1950 and does not treat the causes of problems it only treat the symptoms. A mind coach like Steve is not locked into one therapy and has the flexibility of choosing the right treatment for the client based on their individual personality type. CBT has a typical success rate of 5-6% whereas Steve's success rate is around 95%.

What can Steve help with?

Anxiety and its associated conditions including: Health anxiety. Panic attacks. OCD. General anxiety. Fears and phobias. Trauma removal.

Depression: Low mood. Intrusive thoughts. Serotonin boosting. Childhood trauma. Lack of motivation.

Confidence: Low self esteem. Performance anxiety. Self consciousness. Eating disorders. Public speaking.

What is Thought Retraining?

Created and originated by Steve Norton, Thought Retraining is a set of techniques, strategies and philosophies that when combined help change the habitual thought processes of a person to something far healthier. It changes and re-patterns the old negative thought patterns from the negative to more positive.

It also reprograms the mind so that the negative thought patterns are blocked and replaced by clear wise thinking. Thought Retraining is a powerful combination of psychological tools, which retrain and re-tune certain parts of the mind namely the conscious and subconscious minds so that they are balanced again. Or to put it into simple terms: It teaches you how to use you mind correctly. Sounds like you? Maybe One to One Therapy is for you.

Is it difficult to apply?

Not at all. In fact it is really quite simple. I teach it to people from the highly educated to those without any schooling. Everyone from the young to the elderly can easily apply it. All people of all social backgrounds universally understand it. It is the way that happy people use their minds everyday without knowing it. If it were technical or difficult to understand then nobody would be able to do it!

How do I know if I need Thought Retraining?

It’s simple, do you suffer from any of the below symptoms. If you do you need Thought Retraining.

  • Overactive mind: You can’t shut off your thoughts and they won’t go away.

  • Confusion: Your thoughts are confused and you can’t think clearly like you have fog on the brain.

  • Depression: You get frequently depressed and wonder what is the point of your life.

  • Anxiety: You feel tense or anxious most of the time and you can’t seem to relax.

  • Stress: You get stressed over the littlest things and blow things out of proportion only to regret it later.

  • Inability to concentrate: You can’t concentrate and your mind keeps wandering onto past negative events.

  • Insomnia: Your mind won’t shut off at night and your thoughts keep you awake.

  • Low self-confidence: You shy away from the limelight and you don’t believe in yourself.

  • Poor self-esteem: You don’t like who you are and you can’t find anything to like about yourself.

  • Apathy to life: You can’t motivate yourself to do anything even though you would like to do it.

  • Frustration: You can’t seem to get out of the rut and you feel like your going around in circles.

Which option is best for me?

This can only be decided after a full consultation. Some people are fine on my online programs and others will need 121 assistance. I can only advise after knowing what's going on with you.

Steve Norton Mind Coaching

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