About Steve Norton

I'm Steve Norton, I'm based in Middlesbrough the UK but I work with clients from all over the globe including the US, Australia, Dubai and the GCC. I'm a former anxiety and depression sufferer. In my early life I struggled with Tourettes, stammering and panic attacks. In my quest for a cure I studied the mind and managed to overcome all of my personal issues.

For over 25 years I've dedicated my life to helping people overcome their mental health challenges with my unique approach.

My modern approach isn't like traditional therapy that is slow with mediocre results. Rather than seeing myself as just a therapist, I see myself more as a brain retrainer. I created my own style of therapy that I call Thought Retraining.


Registered Clinical Psychotherapist /Hypnotherapist since 1996. MNCH reg.

Motivational speaker and social media mental health content creator.

Specialising in Anxiety and depression related conditions.

Creator of Thought Retraining and "The Logic" processes.

Author of The Principles of Life and How To Stop Negative Thinking!

OldPain2go licensed practitioner.

Former Anxiety and Tourettes sufferer who cured himself.

Personally helped over 3500 clients over the past 25 years.